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The Reina Sofía Museum reviews its permanent photography collection through the work of 17 artists
Europa Press, May 30, 2007









The Reina Sofía Museum will host from today until July 22 the exhibition 'Perceptions' -with the tenth edition of PhotoEspaña 2007 as a backdrop- a journey through the most representative snapshots of 17 photographers belonging to the Photography Fund of the Permanent Collection of the Madrid pinacothek.

Per Barclay, Brassäi, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jan Fabre, Alejandro Garmendia, Amparo Garrido, Andreas Gursky, Bill Henson, André Kertés, Nicolás de Lekuona, Loretta Lux,
Dora Maar, Christopher Makos, Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe and Jean Moral are the authors chosen to represent this exhibition, that will rotate due to conservational reasons, therefore the presented photographs are not a permanent installation.

A total of five rooms will house this "cross-sectional selection", which will not include "all the works in the collection, but it does trace a complete journey from a chronological point of view," said the Museum's Deputy Director General for Conservation, María García Yelo.

The gaze and the different points of view serve as references and links for the different sections of this retrospective, located on the second and fourth floors of the Reina Sofía. "Despite there being concrete speeches (quizás major discourses), a game of comings and goings of looks, or a demonstration of inversion, will always exist”, pointed the curator Catherine Coleman. 


The second floor has three compilations, ranging from the beginning of the 20th century until the appearance of the first established artists of the genre, such as Man Ray, Henri Cartier-Bresson and André Kertész. Room 8 receives under the title of 'Civil War. Images' the pictures that captured some of the key moments of the Spanish conflict, such as' Arenga al más joven ejército posible', by Juan Pando. The most representative work of Picasso, the Guernica, is exposed in the composition process thanks to the photographs of his then partner Dora Maar, in room 6e. Finally, innovative photographers find their space in room 10 next to the film screenings of Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, all within room 10 of the museum. 

The most recent works can be found on the fourth floor, where the self-portraits of Mapplethorpe or Andy Warhol completely transvestite by Christopher Makos give shape to the transgression of the time and find their place in room 37. 

Room 38b is the end of the itinerary, with the exhibition 'Reflected architectures', a clear exposition of the "inversion" as the plot line of all the work collected by the Reina Sofía for almost 80 years.

Prensa | El Museo Reina Sofía recorre su colección permanente de fotografía a través del trabajo de 17 artistas | Villa Magda
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