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Artists from a nearby environment

The CAC Málaga brings together in 'Neighbours' a selection of works by creators who have the city as a reference
Sergio Mellado, El Cultural, January 09, 2013











The Contemporary Art Center of Malaga (CAC) closed the year and begins this one by taking a look at the closest creation, that which is born from the genius of the artists who reside in Malaga or have the capital of the Costa del Sol as a reference.

In its almost 10 years of life, the CAC has offered up to 22 exhibitions of creators linked to the city or Andalusia, samples that have served to nurture its permanent collection with some of the works exhibited in them and to strengthen ties with artists and galleries of art from the closest area.

As a result of this activity,  the Neighbors exhibition  (Neighbors), a selection of works by local artists made up of 36 pieces by 28 different artists. Some of them exhibit for the first time in a museum —García Bandera (Málaga, 1974), Santiago Ydáñez (Puente de Génave, Jaén, 1969), MP & MP Rosado (San Fernando, Cádiz, 1971), Luis Amavisca (Santander, 1976 ), Abraham Lacalle (Almería, 1962), Pilar Albarracín (Seville, 1968), Owanto (Paris, 1953), Cristina Lama (Seville, 1977), Rafael Alvarado (Málaga, 1957), Nuria Carrasco (Ronda, 1962) or Paula Vincenti (Buenos Aires, 1969)— and others have passed through the center before, either in solo or collective exhibitions and projects. Known names and others who are emerging artists meet in the same space to show local art.

Sculpture, painting, photography and drawing. The exhibition is multidisciplinary and works by artists from different generations coexist, among which veteran creators such as  Louis GordilloGuillermo Pérez Villalta , Chema Lumbreras or Antonio Yesa, among others.

“Artistic creation is not linked to places, nor to generations. Inspiration unfolds anywhere and from this starting point, we are aware that there is a creative movement closer than we think. Starting today we will witness the art that inspires our environment with this exhibition. As we have been doing since the opening of the center, the CAC Málaga is the incubator for some of the most important national artists of the moment. For this reason, this exhibition comes to extol the figure of the near and to show those who visit us what is created near us. With this exhibition the center is going to open a window to the close look, known and at the same time surprising of our artists”, he explains.  Fernando Francés, director of the CAC  and exhibition curator.

The works have different themes as a common thread: love (La boda , 2008, by Montes López), death ( RUINAS , 2011, by Cristina Lama), beliefs (Las ideologías encadenan el espíritu , 2009, or Adorando el becerro tecnológico, 2009, both paintings by Guillermo Pérez Villalta), the manifestation of pain (Lamento I and II , 2005, by Aaron Lloyd), portraits ( 9 fotos de carné, (años 50) , 2012, by Luis Gordillo) or landscapes or places (Where are we going? London (1/3) , 2009, by Owanto or Derribo (HMS Victory) , 2005, by Chema Cobo).

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Exhibition view

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