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Raúl Cordero in conversation with Cy Schnabel

December 20, 2018  






























In 2016 I moved to Mexico City for a period of time. The multidisciplinary Cuban artist Consuelo Castañeda, a close friend of mine who was also in Mexico at the time, had mentioned the name of other Cuban artists living in Mexico City; that included Raúl Cordero and others such as Flavio Garciandía and Marta María Pérez Bravo. I met Raúl during an opening at the CCEMX where I was working as an assistant curator, shortly after I saw his work in person for the first time at the Zona Maco art fair in 2017. 

This conversation is motivated by my desire to have a more in depth understanding of Raúl Cordero’s artistic practice. The questions and answers one will find here address a variety of themes ranging from personal history to more general issues regarding his creative process.


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Otros proyectos | Raúl Cordero en conversación con Cy Schnabel | Villa Magdalena

Raúl Cordero

FR II, 2013

Oil on canvas

230 x 190 cm (91 x 75 inches)

©️ Raúl Cordero

Courtesy the artist and Villa Magdalena.

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